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Sexual harassment is prevalent in the workplace. Are you trained to recognize the signs and know what to do about it?

California HR Services' Sexual Harassment and Workplace Discrimination Prevention Training helps both management and non-management employees fully understand their rights and responsibilities under state and federal law.

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Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a growing threat. Is your company protected?

As an employer, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subsequent State and Federal legislation protects employees from workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination based on sex and is heavily protected.

To reduce your workplace liability, including eliminating frivolous claims and expense lawsuits that could jeopardize your productivity and long term success, you must create a proactive culture based on compliance with the law and mutual respect for all employees.
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5 Ways to Improve Culture At Work

  1. Create a well-defined sexual harassment policy that includes examples of prohibited behavior. Incorporate the policy into the employee handbook and regularly train and engage employees with the content using different methods.
  2. Create a complaint procedure that identifies HR professionals designated to document and investigate complaints. Explain the investigation process and offer examples of proportionate corrective actions that may result at the conclusion of an investigation.
  3. Conduct regular, anonymous climate surveys to ascertain the existing climate of inclusion and identify potential areas for growth.
  4. Empower bystanders: Provide trainings that give employees the skills necessary to intervene when appropriate and report harassing behavior. Create a culture where all employees are invested in maintaining a workplace climate that is free from discrimination.
  5. Model good behavior and require that leadership at all levels exemplifies a culture that is inclusive and values employees. Although leadership and accountability starts with YOU, midlevel managers and direct supervisors are key elements in establishing and enforcing acceptable behavior at work.
Contact CA HR Services today to obtain more information from our team of expert sexual harassment (AB1825) professionals regarding discrimination/harassment/retaliation-prevention training. We will provide you with an interactive, fun, and engaging state-and federal compliant training for all management and non-management staff.

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