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Most Common HR Services

About California Human Resource Outsourcing Services

CA Human Resources Consulting / Nationwide HR Services, Inc. is a premier Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing Firm, based out of San Diego, California, specializing in providing On-Demand, expert, practical, personal and cost-effective HR and Payroll Outsourcing & Consulting support services for small and mid-sized businesses throughout California.

Human Resources

In addition to California HR, we also provide expert On-Demand HR consulting services for businesses located throughout United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Regardless of the company size or location, each client receives custom HR and Payroll solutions based on their individual needs and business objectives through retained partnerships, on a project-by-project basis, hourly basis, as-needed, with no monthly requirements.

With a commitment and dedication to superb customer service, we treat your business at if it were our own. Call us today to learn about our “HR Director on Wheels” program!

Our team is ready to provide quality HR services for your company so you can do what you do best, take care of your customers, and seek opportunities for future growth. We provide HR outsourcing services and auditing services to help you identify potential issues and address them to keep your business in compliance and on track.

Most Popular HR Services

From recruiting to terminations, we help small businesses with all their HR needs, leading to reduced costs and risk, while maximizing efficiency and compliance. What services can we help you with?

  • HR Outsourcing and Consulting services (project based; day-to-day assistance; or on-call/on demand)
  • Recruiting the best talent; hiring and performing orientations/on-boarding
  • Audit of meal and breaks, timekeeping, employee classifications: exempt/salary vs. non-exempt/hourly, etc.
  • Designating Independent Contractors vs. Employees
  • Compliant CA or multi-state Employee Handbooks
  • Creating or editing Job Descriptions
  • File Audits (I-9 verification and employee file audit/clean up)
  • Training & Development (including CA’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment prevention)
  • New compliant Forms & Processes
  • Workplace Investigations; Disciplinary Actions; Terminations
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Why Use CA HR Services?

Whether you are looking to transform your HR function, hire top talent, retain your existing team, redesign your payroll and HR processes, increase local support, or stay in compliance with the ever-changing employment laws, we can help. Our human resource outsourcing team focuses on staying up to date with the latest changes, both in California and across the country.

We provide tailored human Resource outsourcing to meet your current and ongoing needs and can also help you to address the unforeseen or unconventional problems that can arise when managing a workforce. We can handle everything from routine administrative tasks to tackling complicated challenges that arise throughout the employment lifecycle, such as HRIS implementation, payroll vendor changes, registering your business in a new state, and more, freeing you up to focus on your other priorities.

Growing your company means managing benefits, payroll, and various other human resources and administrative tasks. The challenge is that while you need access to these skills, you might not have the financial resources to expand your team and hire additional staff for your human resources team. With human resources outsourcing, you can enjoy the experience and expertise of human resources personnel without adding to your staffing costs.

Our team works with companies nationwide to provide a wide range of human resource outsourcing services meant to address your human resources needs. With other human resources outsourcing companies, you can receive a range of services tailored to fit the needs of your company both now and in the future. At CA HR, we work with you to determine what you need right now, thus providing recruiting, benefits administration, and more. Our personnel regularly receive training meant to keep them updated on the changes in the law, both locally and statewide, along with national laws and regulations that could have an impact on your company.

We can give you a better understanding of the employment landscape by providing you with details on specific HR requirements and payroll compliance framework, tailored to your specific operations. No matter what your needs are, working with CA HR Services means you can expect the following:

  • Highly skilled expert HR professionals with decades of tactical and strategic experience in a variety of industries
  • White glove service, regardless of your size or project needs
  • Tailored HR practices that meet your specific needs
  • Responsiveness and “on-call/on-demand services because your projects are a priority
  • Access to a team of experts that can be called in to assist as needed
  • Ongoing legislative updates to keep you informed and current with best business practices
  • And so much more!

With our recruiting, payroll, and other HR services, CA HR Services provides you with all the functionality of an HR Director without the additional overhead associated with creating an HR department of your own. Your business is unique and so are your HR needs. We’re happy to work with you either as an outsourced full-service HR resource or as a human resource consulting firm to elevate the capabilities of your current HR staff. Either way, we’ll help you determine what is right for your business. We’ll establish comprehensive tools ensuring a smoothly-operating HR function that saves you money, time, and headache — now and far into the future.

Another benefit of partnering with CA HR Services is that we bridge the gap between employers and employees through efficiency, support, compliance, compassion, and education. We can provide day-to-day assistance, audit timekeeping, analyze employee classifications, create or update employee handbooks, create compliant job descriptions, audit and improve benefits offerings, and even offer training and development for various topics, including Discrimination and Harassment prevention.

Further, we assist you in maintaining compliance with any laws or regulations related to your industry. Human Resource issues have become more complex over the years, due in part to new and ever changing federal and state employment regulations. How does an organization know if it is staying compliant in the area of human resources? With our unique ongoing auditing process, we can help your company identify potential areas of risk that need to be addressed in your current HR procedures.

And let’s not forget one of the most important pieces of Human Resources, People! Attracting high caliber, experienced employees who fit your culture can be an arduous challenge. Add the complexities of legal compliance and managing all of those resumes into the mix and this almost always becomes a time-consuming and nearly impossible task.  Many business owners need more time or resources to find individuals with the right skills to expand their teams. We offer a variety recruiting services to support you in finding the right talent for your team and can assist with every aspect of the employee life cycle, from on-boarding to off-boarding.

CA HR Services is committed to providing the highest level of HR consulting services. Let our team help your company grow today!