In today’s competitive labor market where good employees are harder than ever to find, locating and hiring the perfect match (right attitude + desire to work hard + cultural fit + just the right amount of skill & background) can be a time consuming, daunting and in most cases, a frustrating task.

Let our team of experienced HR professionals and Recruiters help you! We can help find, interview, hire and even retain the best employees!

As an organization specializing in assisting small and medium-sized companies meet all of their HR needs, CA HR can help you to secure top talent within your industry, no matter what your unique needs may be. We have developed a customized approach to conducting candidate research and competitive analyses to help you make the best possible decisions concerning staffing for your agency.

Our team of Talent Acquisition Professionals (otherwise known as Recruiters) can fill just about any position including entry-level employees, mid management, top sales executives, or C-Suite Executives and have experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, renewable energy, finance, non-profit, medical offices, hospitality, retail, food and beverage, general services, agriculture and much more.

We Recognize Talent.

CA HR Services understands that your employees are your greatest asset. They are critical to achieving business success. The team you hire can determine whether your business thrives and expands, just sustains itself, or becomes nonviable.

But a great team requires skill, competency, determination, experience, and the right attitude. When these factors are all present, you have the right environment to solidify your reputation as an industry leader and experience tremendous company growth.

We also understand that life goals and personal situations can impact the choices that many employees make, including whether to stay in their current position, start a new job, or relocate. Our team at CA HR Services prides itself on our ability to match great talent with the right opportunities.

We also understand that as industries and technologies evolve, talent acquisition will require new skills, and likely new acquisition techniques. For this reason, we have a strong commitment to stay abreast of the most recent techniques and industry changes – which makes us an ideal recruiting services partner now and in the future. As your company grows, we will remain committed to delivering the best talent possible so that you may experience continued success.

Benefits of using a Recruiter

  • We screen hundreds of resumes so you don’t have to! Saves you valuable time so you can continue focusing on your work
  • Gives you access to a wider pool of applicants
  • Reduces the time to fill by nearly 50%
  • Increases your potential for the right fit
  • Increases quality of hire (bring in more A players)
  • Minimizes discriminatory or other risky hiring practices
  • Creates candidate and hiring manager satisfaction
  • Leads to job Retention and tenure
Benefits of using a Recruiter

Delivering the Talent You Need

Our HR specialists excel at finding the absolute best fit to achieve your organization’s goals and drive its success. The are several things you will find when you select CA HR as a partner that can outperform competitors.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening

In an effort to identify the best possible talent options for your company, we thoroughly screen all candidates as they go through our process. This process can include resume verification, employment history and credential verification, behavioral interviews, background checks, and reference checks. With our comprehensive screening process, you can be sure that only top-tier candidates will be presented as options for your company.

Industry Expertise

We are committed to devoting our time to understand your business as a unique entity, as well as all of the circumstances that may be impacting your industry as a whole, including labor trends, and how emerging technology may impact your operations. We also understand variables in the local market that may come into play, such as what local professionals earn, when they might be available, and where to find them. Through this knowledge we can identify what it takes to recruit them for your organization.

Holistic Approach

When searching for a good fit for your company, we assume a holistic approach and develop a strategy to find the best overall fit to ensure that your company’s culture and leadership style will be compatible with the candidate. This process ensures that you recruit someone who will easily join your team and find great success in your environment.

HR for small businesses

Our team of HR professionals /Recruiter can help you with:

  • Editing or drafting solid job descriptions
  • Design and strategic job ad placement (sometimes you have to get a little more creative!)
  • Review and screen candidates
  • Conduct phone, video and in-person interviews
  • Arrange in-house interview scheduling
  • Draft offer letters
  • Perform background & personal reference checks
  • Perform onboarding
  • Provide consultations on employer branding, skill assessments, and more
  • And to further drive employee satisfaction and long term job satisfaction, ask us about our other services, including providing Human Resources Outsourcing and Consulting services