Patty Velasco

Patty Velasco – Operations Director

Patty is a well accomplished and experienced business professional with years of experience managing a successful family-owned business where she oversaw the entire daily operations and managed a team of employees. Previously, as an Advertising Executive, Patty was responsible for cultivating and developing the Hispanic infomercial and direct response business for three Spanish-language Networks. Her most recent area of expertise has been in the benefits/ insurance industry, where she provided clients with superb customer service while ensuring she met their needs. Patty is responsible for all operations, accounting and client relations support services.

Patty Velasco is bright, knowledgeable, hardworking and has years of sales and customer service experience and has a proven track record of planning, organizing, and creating efficiency in a diverse set of industries. She is a perceptive problem solver with the dedication and determination to create, implement and follow through, until achieving a successful resolution and maximum customer satisfaction.

Patty spends a great deal of time volunteering in the community and does her share to evoke a sense of civic duty within her friends and family. Patty is also bilingual where she speaks and reads Spanish fluently.