Why HR Outsourcing? In these uncertain times, the cost of hiring experienced Human Resources professionals can be daunting to small businesses yet the need for an experienced professional who can skillfully manage the legal requirements is a must! That said, CA HR Services offers small businesses HR expertise without the commitment or cost of hiring a full-time HR professional.

Working with an on-call/on-demand Consultant at CA HR Services is like having your very own HR Director, accessible at all times via phone, email, or text, ensuring that all of your HR needs are met in a timely, professional manner.

Let our team of experienced HR professional’s help you find the right employees. We have expert staff to find, interview, hire and retain the best employees!

Get More Done. Let Us Do The Outsourcing For You.

HR Outsourcing services are custom to your changing needs and can be project-based or an on-call / on-demand /as-needed basis. Some of the most popular HR outsourcing service options include:

Full-Service HR

Where we manage your entire HR department and all its needs.

Project-by-project HR services

Handbook or job description updates.


Hiring, and Onboarding of all new hires.


Updating and managing the HR database.

Policies and Procedures

Making updates as the need arises.

Training and Development

Including sexual harassment, management, safety or even customer service training.


From compliance to creating proper wage bands.


Renewals, open enrollment and day to day management.

Leave of Absence

Management and Compliance.


Drafting IIPPs and performing safety training.

Workers’ Compensation

Properly and expeditiously managing and closing claims.

Performance Management

Ensuring proper systems that accelerate performance.

Legal Matters

Legally managing workplace investigations.

Coaching and Discipline

Drafting notices and having those “difficult” conversations while setting performance expectations.


Assessing risk, drafting notices, preparing termination documents and holding meetings (including attending unemployment insurance hearings).

HR Outsourcing & Consulting

CA HR Services offers Full-Service HR Outsourcing/Consulting, where a Human Resources professional manages your entire HR needs from recruiting through termination. Working with a full-service HR expert can reduce the administrative burden on your company, allowing you to focus on what you do best – focusing on your business and growing your company.

Do your employees feel supported, heard, and aligned with your organizational objectives? Do they understand their roles and responsibilities and what they are held accountable for? We’ll examine your existing functionality, systems, processes and culture to identify organizational weaknesses and opportunities for positive change. We’ll work to ensure you have the right people with the right skills to advance your objectives. At CA HR Services, we understand the importance of learning our clients’ needs on a more granular level and provide unique, custom, effective and long lasting HR solutions. We work with you and your team to provide necessary support and guidance, delivering the consistent support you need. Whether you need support to push a specific initiative across the finish line, or a complete overhaul of a functional area, we can serve as your behind the scenes or frontline HR team. Our team of dedicated HR professionals handle the day-to-day complexities of HR, so you can focus on running your business. We provide everything from assistance with hiring new employees and employee relations support, to performance management in real time. Further, we can support you in areas of payroll, talent management, organizational development and strategy. With us, you will have all the benefits of an in-house HR department without the expense of hiring a full-time HR Director or strategic executive.

By using CA HR Services’ full-service HR outsourcing and consulting, a company won’t have to worry about things like:

  • Finding qualified candidates to fill those hard to fill vacant positions. We can assist with recruiting top talent at a fraction of the cost of working with a recruiter or an external agency.
  • Wading through the most up to date and legally compliant paperwork to maximize the onboarding and hiring process.
  • Ensuring that the company has the most legally compliant Employee Handbook with applicable and current state/federal legislations and practical policies and procedures to help meet the organization’s short and long term business goals.
  • Developing and implementing more robust Performance Evaluation programs.
  • Performing compensation reviews, wage analyses, and compensation management to ensure that all staff members are receiving fair and equitable salaries.
  • Performing Job Analyses and creating or updating job descriptions to ensure FLSA and State Classification requirements.

Carrying out any necessary terminations and exit interviews, and preparing the organization and management team for post-termination proceedings including attending unemployment hearings.

HR Outsourcing

Dedicated HR Individuals with Your Company In Mind

When you partner with CA HR Services, you wouldn’t be working with traditional consultants. On the contrary, you would be working with dedicated HR professionals who are committed to your success and treat your company as their very own. We make your business OUR business!

Develop Plans & Strategies

When necessary, we will also work with you to develop plans and strategies to improve employee effectiveness and efficiency while boosting employee morale and satisfaction. These actions and other related employee engagement efforts are often the keys to achieving higher productivity, and increasing employee retention – essential factors in improving a company’s bottom line.

Legal Compliance

In addition to taking on the logistical challenges presented by daily operations and staffing, CA HR experts are also skilled at navigating the legal complexities that many businesses face. In this capacity, we are poised to:

Work directly with your internal HR or payroll team to ensure compliance with the myriad of state and federal guidelines that may apply to your business (either on a project basis or on-call/as needed). When you have questions, we can provide you with instant solutions.

Work with internal teams or as legally required, with the assistance of an attorney or PI.

  • Quickly address workplace complaints and/or claims.
  • As deemed necessary, perform in depth workplace investigations.
  • Address infractions in the most legal and ethical manner.
  • Have the ‘uncomfortable, but necessary, conversations’ that many management teams may dread.
  • Hold employees accountable while setting future goals and expectations in the most respectful manner that drives the best results.

With the fast-changing regulatory framework or flexible work arrangements, are you sure your current policies reflect the latest legislative changes? Having a business means focusing on multiple aspects of your company for it to stay compliant and healthy. This can be very overwhelming and could lead to setting aside some important details, like Human Resources matters. Employment laws and regulations change frequently, so having a knowledgeable and experienced HR department is critical for any company. Hiring CA HR Services is a convenient way to get the job done and control your costs. Let us help you identify any risks or gaps and bring your HR policies, procedures and practices up-to-date to protect your company and employees. Our team can help you handle your toughest HR questions, so you can focus on your growing your business and on developing your team. We partner with you to understand your culture and any business challenges you may be facing throughout the employee lifecycle and build customized, effective workforce solutions that are tailored to your needs, sensitive to your people, and protect you from unnecessary risks.

CA HR Services

CA HR Services can assist with compliance related to the following areas:

  • Managing leaves of absences, including FMLA/CFRA, Pregnancy Disability Leave, CFFRA, and more.
  • Assess and manage benefits plans and recommend appropriate plans and programs.
  • Manage and administer current 401(k) plans.
  • Assess and analyze your company’s risk and safety liability, including recommending strategies to reduce injuries that may lower your annual Workers’ Compensation renewal rates.
  • Assist with claim management and closing claims as effectively and expeditiously as possible.
  • Draft an Illness and Injury Prevention Program (IIPP).
  • Conduct and document safety trainings.

Additionally, compliance is crucial for the success of your organization. For example, when it comes to payroll processing, there is no margin for error. Have you done the required sexual harassment training? Are your employees entitled to FMLA, CFRA, COBRA? In many cases, there are required coverages or compliance trainings your organization may not even know about and when mishandled or missed all together, the penalties for violations are serious. Regardless of the challenges, our experts will use the right tools and design the right processes to ensure your success. We help you discover what is truly important to your team and provide inspired solutions that make a real impact.

Our goal is to make credible improvements that will continue to benefit new and current employees and the overall health of your business. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

The Difference with CA HR Services

As companies around the world continue to struggle with creating additional efficiencies to remain competitive in a hypercompetitive global market, streamlining solutions is becoming increasingly important.

CA HR Services provides a compelling business case for many companies –to spend far less time and resources on the administrative burden of HR-related tasks, which allows them to focus on the bigger-picture strategic activities and planning for the company’s growth and long term success.

When a company partners with CA HR Services, they aren’t simply outsourcing HR tasks; they are gaining an ally and advocate for their entire company and its most valuable assets – its employees! Our team at CA HR Services takes the time to understand a company’s goals and challenges and then enhance the current policies to help the organization meet its goals and objectives while overcoming its challenges. We proudly offer our clients:

  • Easy access to knowledgeable and expert HR professionals.
  • Responsive assistance when needed.
  • A flexible array of service structures and terms to meet every unique need.
  • Transparent pricing, so there are no surprises.
  • Exceptional customer service and support.
  • Minimal disruption to the daily processes during the transition period.

And most of all, CA HR Services offers peace of mind. Companies can rest easy knowing that with CA HR Services, their HR needs are not only covered but maximized. Our goal is to enhance regulatory compliance and streamline HR processes across the entire company.

While working with CA HR Services, companies gain a partnership with a team of consultants who remove the day to day HR worries so the organization can focus on what it does best – focus on business objects so the company is poised for long term success.

Human Resources Consulting and

Outsourcing Services

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