How Outsourcing Human Resources Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

human resources outsourcing

Choosing to outsource some or all of your human resource functions can optimize your processes and help you leverage efficiencies. It also provides many other business benefits, such as a reliable and accurate exchange of information and guidance with compliance issues. However, another major benefit is the ability to streamline your hiring process, which can tremendously benefitboth the company and the employees.

Human resources outsourcing can accomplish several steps in the recruitment and hiring process. These include:

  • Identifying candidates: Searching for qualified and willing candidates is a challenge, especially in the current job market, which has low unemployment and many open positions. And the HR aspect of identifying the right candidates – or even identifying where to look for the right candidates – can be daunting. It requires managing lists and posts for open positions, working with a recruiter, and reviewing potential candidates. Sometimes these tasks are done by different team members, making strong communication essential. Outsourcing human resources ensure that all of these functions are done by a team that knows how to navigate the right resources effectively. These firms can often help you identify qualified candidates quickly, and in many instances, they approach advertising in a way that increases the quality of the applicants.
  • Preselection: Finding the right candidates doesn’t end with collecting applications and resumes. The information submitted must be reviewed to ensure that those applying have the right knowledge, skills, experience, education, and licensure (if applicable). Many in-house HR departments may have outdated screening techniques that do not reflect changing requirements. Once again, with human resources outsourcing, you work with a team of professionals with experience in knowing how to filter out unqualified candidates. They often use automation that can move applicants through the application process once it is established that they meet the minimum qualifications. And this process saves them time since they don’t have to go through the entire process only to find out at the end that they are unqualified. Additionally, prescreening can ensure that applicants who make it to the next phase are qualified and meet your requirements.
  • Interviews and assessments: Conducting interviews can be draining. Outsourcing HR functions can ensure you have qualified interviewers who can guide the conversation in a way that assesses the expertise of the candidates as well as other information that may be relevant in making a hiring determination. The team can then identify if additional information or skills testing is required from the applicants before moving forward. If so, the outsourced team can collect this information and ensure you have it when making decisions.
  • Background Checks: Background checks are a common practice for most companies today, especially given the rise in remote work. These checks comfort you in knowing that the candidate is who they claim to be and has the needed experience. However, there are a lot of details that cannot be overlooked in this process. A failure to conduct these checks appropriately could result in a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which can be costly. Human resources outsourcing ensures that background checks comply with all federal and state laws. This process ensures that your risk is minimized, but you can still get all the information you need to make sound hiring decisions.
  • Checking references: References are just as important as ever before. They can tell you additional information about the candidate, which is often beneficial for determining whether they will fit your organizational culture. However, making these calls can be time-consuming. Human resources outsourcing ensures you have someone who can dedicate time to check references and that they will collect the right information. For instance, some states limit questions related to salary. Working with an outsourced firm lets you get the necessary information while staying compliant.
  • Onboarding:Once you have made a hiring decision, there are many steps to onboard your new employee, including a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed for benefits enrollment and assurance that your new employee has the right policies and procedures. Ensuring everything is completed correctly, including getting copies to all the right people, can be challenging. Human resources outsourcing provides you with peace of mind in knowing everything is done correctly.

There are many benefits to human resources outsourcing, including during your hiring process. Contact CA HR Services today to learn more about how outsourcing can benefit your company.

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