An HR audit of your policies, procedures, and systems can quickly identify gaps and areas of concern!

When was the last time you performed a systematic and objective review of your Human Resources policies, procedures and practices? Whether you’re operating a small or medium sized business, the analysis obtained by an HR audit can give you an opportunity to gauge your current processes and determine gaps that could leave you vulnerable. This vulnerability can run the gamut, including determining whether or not you are compliant with all applicable and ever changing state and federal laws and legislation pertaining to your specific business and size, whether certain practices unknowingly are putting you at risk, and whether or not your current systems are moving you away from or aligning you and bringing you closer towards your business goals and objectives. You can find out more about HR audits/compliance standards and what our comprehensive checklists entail by calling or emailing us today.

Ask yourself:Do any of the following apply to you and your business?

  • Have you put off investigating a seemingly innocent sexual harassment complaint relating to two employees who were once dating? Did you assume it would resolve itself? Did you know that not only your business but you personally could be sued as a result of your negligence in dealing with this complaint?
  • While on the topic of sexual harassment, do you know if your company is meeting its mandatory training obligations? When was the last time your policies were updated to reflect the most current laws and legislation? And when were your first-time supervisors and long-term managers fully trained on this subject?
  • Did you put off talking to an employee who asked for a special accommodation needing an office with a window and sunlight relating to a recent diagnosis of seasonal stress condition? Failure to fully investigate issues relating to Americans with Disabilities Act can put your business at serious risk and thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of dollars in fines and possible lawsuits.
  • Regardless of disability, are all applicants given the same opportunities and consideration for vacancies or promotions? How do you ensure protection against seemingly discriminatory behavior?
  • Or could your hiring, promotion or compensation practices be causing unintentional questions relating to age or gender discrimination? Can you justify why you select one candidate over another?
  • By neglecting to effectively and efficiently deal with any of the above or knowing what steps to take in order protect you and your business, you could very well be risking costly fines in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars and lawsuits in excess of thousands, if not millions of dollars.
  • An audit of your policies, procedures, processes, systems and business practices could determine if you’re unintentionally exposing your company to unnecessary risk. Your employees have come to expect certain rights in the workplace. It’s critical that you educate yourself and portray an image of fairness and legal compliance. After all, is the risk worth it when avoiding it involves a simple phone call to CA HR Services?

We can get you started on your compliance goals starting as early as today!