Outsourcing HR Services: The Benefits of Professional Growth for Your Team

Outsourcing HR services

Companies today are operating in a highly competitive environment. The global market has made it easier to connect with customers all over the world, but it also means that your competition may be located anywhere now, too. As a result, many businesses are considering outsourcing human resources to save on costs and still provide employees with a great experience.

While many benefits come with outsourcing HR functions, this change can be a great move to help your team move to the next level quickly. Outsourcing HR provides many ways in which your team can benefit from professional growth, such as:

Benefits of Outsourcing HR Services

  • Recruiting for the team: In the past, recruitment has been done by identifying candidates with the right skills and expertise for a position. And while this remains an important component of hiring, advanced software platforms can help you find someone who is also a good fit for your team. When recruitment specialists from outsourced HR firms look at a position, they consider the entire team. And with personality testing becoming a more common component of the hiring and onboarding process, they can often identify candidates that fit your company’s existing culture well. Additionally, they can identify gaps in you’re your team’s skills and try to fill the gaps with new recruits. The result is a high-functioning and highly collaborative team, which helps all team members shine.
  • Performance management: Many companies recognize that their largest investment is often in staff. They can spend a lot of money training individuals and helping them grow professionally. However, it generally pays off if you can keep your employees feeling challenged and like there is still room for continued professional growth. Outsourcing HR functions allow you to get a lot of bang for your buck regarding performance management. These professionals can devote more time to goal management, individualized reviews and feedback, and identifying competencies and skills gaps than you might be able to, resulting in employees that feel more engaged in their professional development. And engagement often leads to greater results.
  • Access to better learning tools: Training tools for professional development are expensive. You may often have to send employees out of state to get access to high-quality training. However, outsourced human resources firms often have built-in employee management tools and training platforms. These flexible platforms can provide a wide range of training opportunities for your staff tailored to your business’s unique needs. And the ability to access on-demand training is one great way to help your team members achieve peak performance. Unfortunately, it is often cost-prohibitive for a company to purchase these platforms outright, but you can access them when you work with a third-party HR firm.
  • Better collaboration: One of the benefits of outsourced human resources is the ability for HR professionals to watch how your team works together. After observation, these professionals may help you identify strategies to help individuals work more effectively together. This benefit can, in turn, help your organization’s productivity since your team can collaborate on a whole new level.
  • Improved employee morale: Human resource professionals’ support for an entire company is a huge factor in overall job satisfaction. This includes having sound payroll and benefits administration and offering career development opportunities. But it is difficult for many small and mid-sized businesses to provide this level of support. Outsourcing HR services is a way to provide your employees with greater support without breaking the bank. And the big benefit is that it often leads to improved morale in the workplace, which is one great way to help your employees perform optimally day after day.
  • Identify disengaged employees: Disengagement in the workplace can be a huge problem for many companies. Studies show that up to two-thirds of employees are disengaged. And companies with higher employee engagement rates are often far more profitable than their competitors. In addition, outsourcing human resources allows for more staff interaction, which can help identify disengaged employees. In many instances, HR staff can intervene and determine the cause of disengagement. For example, disengagement is often driven by feeling like there is no room for growth or the individual does not feel appreciated in their current position. Something as simple as greater recognition or a change in duties could alleviate these feelings. In most cases, this one-on-one attention can help address the root cause of disengagement and address it.

While there are many benefits to outsourcing human resources, this list demonstrates how it can impact your ability to help team members learn and grow. To learn more about outsourcing human resources, contact CA HR Services today!

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