The Benefits of Nationwide HR Services for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

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To be successful, small business owners must spend a lot of time fostering business growth and attracting new customers. However, small business owners often wear many hats, and when operational tasks such as payroll, recruitment, or IT management require your attention, it can be tough to devote sufficient time to business growth. For these businesses, outsourcing HR services can be the best path forward, as it can free up your time to focus on creative and customer-oriented aspects of your company while also promoting efficiency and greater profitability.

As a consultant and proprietor of a firm specializing in back-office support for small businesses, Donna Olah-Reiken sums up this scenario by stating, “A brilliant idea can falter without effective execution.” She emphasizes that outsourcing can give small companies access to valuable expertise, including systems that help with customer identification and engagement – a key way to achieve growth. Outsourced recruiters can often identify and engage top talent, which is vital for companies hoping to achieve growth and become well-known within their industry. Moreover, working with financial and accounting experts can help boost your compliance, reduce errors, achieve greater financial efficiency, and provide insight for data-driven decision-making.

While some business owners may be reluctant to outsource due to financial concerns or loss of oversight, when tasks are delegated with strategic oversight, it can help your business achieve an ideal balance by ensuring that you have the capacity to focus on growth.

While you can create a unique blend of outsourced tasks to meet your business needs, the following areas are where many small companies find it advantageous to outsource:

  1. Accounting: Outsourcing accounting functions – and especially mundane, repetitive tasks, such as payroll, invoicing, accounts receivables, and tax filings and payments, can reduce the resources needed to get these tasks done while also boosting accuracy and compliance.
  2. IT Management: Contract-based IT providers can provide a wide range of one-time or ongoing services, such as systems design, installation of equipment, upgrades, IT support, and maintenance. This type of arrangement ensures that your company has sufficient security and support without needing a full-time IT manager, which enhances profitability.
  3. Recruitment: In today’s competitive job market, finding the right team can be incredibly challenging. Outsourcing these tasks can ensure your business gets access to top industry talent. It can also streamline your hiring process from initial candidate identification all the way through onboarding.
  4. Marketing: The marketing industry is evolving rapidly and companies often require many cutting-edge platforms to access customer data for successful marketing. These platforms can be cost-prohibitive for many companies. When you outsource this function, you can rest easy knowing that you will have effective marketing content that will reach its intended audience without having to make large capital investments.
  5. HR functions: There’s a reason many companies are moving to outsource HR. Everything from onboarding, training, employee development, to benefits administration can be done more cost-effectively. This arrangement ensures your employees have what they need to succeed at a fraction of the price that it would cost to offer the same services in-house.

Outsourcing HR offers flexible solutions for companies to meet their needs and grow their company. For more information about outsourcing HR, contact CA HR Services today.