Outsourcing certain projects can help you maintain compliance with growing labor laws and legislation, minimize labor costs, and ensure best business practices.

When it comes to certain time-consuming projects, it is best to yield to experts who can provide you with viable and effective solutions, helping your business maintain compliance with the plethora of labor laws that affect your business, while giving you the freedom to focus your energy on other day-to-day matters that require your full attention.

By outsourcing these projects, you also tap into the expertise of those who have access to state-of-the-art and best business practices, giving your company an advantage it didn’t have before.

Outsourcing can be take on many forms and can include countless projects including:

  • Employee related projects such as recruiting, onboarding, hiring, training, developing, leading, managing, coaching, disciplining, terminating and much more.
  • Updating your policies, procedures, and employee handbooks – Handbooks are used as a critical tool in keeping companies up-to-date and compliant with thousands of state and federal employment laws. But that’s not all! They also serve a critical role and are a source for communicating a company mission, vision, philosophy and beliefs. To that end, to further enhance the relationship between employees and their employer, it is critical to maintain up-to-date handbooks and regularly update and train employees regarding policies and the expectations that exist at a company;
  • Auditing your HR files, filing systems, wage and hour practices, and all other hiring through termination procedures – Audits help identify gaps in compliance and can give us the window of opportunity to quickly put into practice forms, policies, procedures and systems that can minimize a company’s risk and help avoid costly fines and possible lawsuits;
  • Dealing with employee complaints and employee relations – Conducting complex confidential and objective investigations and performing appropriate disciplinary actions in a timely and non-discriminatory manner can significantly minimize your risk of potential violation of a protected group or status and also creates an ethical work environment;
  • Updating job descriptions and compensation practices – Ensuring fair duties and responsibilities, as well as competitive salaries; Workplace Safety and OSHA compliance – With access to best practice methods used throughout the state and country, we can help you devise appropriate policies and procedures (including drafting your IIPP) to ensure a safe work environment;
  • Additionally, CA HR Services can assist a business with a host of other HR-related projects, practices and systems that collectively work to keep a business compliant with thousands of state and federal employment and wage and hour legislation.

By partnering with an expert HR Consulting and Outsourcing firm such as CA HR Services with California labor law expertise, businesses will have access to a consulting firm that specializes in small businesses and has the applicable tools and resources to help businesses meet their compliance and regulatory requirements. TEST