HR Services

HR Services

HR Outsourcing & Projects

Outsourcing can be project-based or an on-call / as needed basis. Project-based outsourcing includes recruiting, hiring, training and development, updating employee handbooks, creating or updating performance evaluation or compensation programs, and much more. As needed, outsourcing may include performing workplace investigations and recommending appropriate disciplinary action, (including performing terminations) or to administer leave of absence to ensure full compliance.
  • We assist in drafting new, legally compliant employee handbooks. 
  • We improve recruiting, hiring, and retention procedures to ensure you hire and retain the best talent. 
  • We help create required forms, files and templates, manage FMLA and other Leaves of Absences, ADA, and Workers' Compensation issues. 
  • We assist with conflict resolution and serve as an adviser to the management team on any HR or employee relations issues.
  • We properly handle terminations, exit interviews, and unemployment claims and hearings. Ask us about our UI win record!!
  • We assist companies create a positive work environment that promotes teamwork and high productivity!

Audits & Investigations

  • Why audit your system? What you're doing (or not doing), could be costing you thousands in phantom business expenses or exposing you to unnecessary legal risk. Phantom business expenses include: high turnover, high benefits, high workers' comp renewals, discrimination, harassment or retaliation claims, operational and staffing inefficiency, legal non-compliance risk, and much more. Knowledge is power!!  
  • A full audit cycle includes: assessment of all HR practices, defining areas of potential risk, and proposing applicable solutions that can be used immediately.
  • We perform full audits of your HR system (or as we like to call it, HR infrastructure) to determine gaps in hiring, compensation, benefits, evaluations, compensation, I-9, filing system, safety and workers' compensation, termination practices and much more. 
  • Audits include: an assessment of all files, records, data, forms, processes, procedures, systems and practices pertaining to pre-hire through termination activities; identifying gaps and areas of non-compliance; and then recommending best business practices to minimize risk. 
  • We also analyze timekeeping and wage and hour practices to ensure compliance with FLSA regulation, overtime rules, meal and break requirements, exemption tests, and much more. 
  • We perform confidential workplace investigations regarding harassment, discrimination, retaliation, leave of absence, safety practices and injuries in the workplace, ADA violations, and more. 
  • We reduce workplace conflict by serving as a mediator with an eye for win-win solutions.
  • We advise management and business owners on sensitive employee relations and post-investigation strategies, and recommend appropriate disciplinary or corrective action while reducing liability and risk. 
  • We assist with terminations and unemployment hearings.

Training & Development

  • We assess company-wide Training and Development needs and recommend appropriate training. 
  • As needed, we perform required training such as Sexual Harassment training for managers and all staff.
  • We  work with management and executive team to address cross training and succession planning needs and develop roadmaps for employee growth, development and future success.
  • Our training options include Performance Management, Conflict Management, Basic and Intermediate Management courses, Leadership training, Customer Service, Clear Communications, Mandatory Management Sexual Harassment Training (AB1825), Safety, and more.
  • Se habla español! Please ask us about our Spanish-translated training!

Employee Relations

  • We help solve issues within your workforce, helping you manage your most valuable resource. 
  • You can't avoid conflict but you can certainly avoid time consuming distractions that hinder your success and negatively impact morale or company culture. Our team of conflict resolution experts help navigate through challenging situations and find the most appropriate and compassionate approaches that bring your team together.
  • We conduct confidential workplace investigations that properly address grievances.
  • As needed, we recommend appropriate action plans that may include employee coaching, additional training, team building exercises, or if unavoidable, disciplinary action or termination. Whatever the choice, we suggest methods for solving grievances in a timely, efficient and effective manner while limiting your short and long-term exposure. 
  • We assist with performing terminations and with unemployment hearings. 

Spanish Translation

Se habla español!

CA HR Services can assist you with all your Spanish translation needs including translating important meetings and training sessions, performing workplace investigations, translating important policies, memos, notices and forms, as well as creating or translating your existing Employee Handbooks into Spanish.
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