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Human Resources Outsourcing: Whether you need assistance with day-to-day general HR  issues or are looking to outsource your entire HR department, we can help you identify gaps that are specific to your company and business needs and will fill them in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Compliance Audits: Regardless of your company size, number of employees, or years in business, a thorough audit of your policies, procedures, practices and record keeping by our highly skilled HR professionals can help you maintain compliance with the ever-growing and ever-changing state and federal laws.  With the rise in government fines, lawsuits and costly liability claims, audits can help organizations maintain compliance while minimizing unnecessary risk.

Legal Disclaimer: The material presented on this website or via Consulting or Outsourcing Services do not and are not intended as “legal advice.” They do not constitute the practice of law or provision of legal counsel. For specific information pertaining to legal matters and how they affect your business, please seek legal counsel.

Whether you need a complete HR Compliance Audit from Hiring through Termination, require full or partial HR outsourcing services, or need on-call telephone or email assistance with any of the services listed below, our experts can assist you meet your individual HR needs.

Employment Practices

  • Staffing, Recruiting, Hiring and Retention Procedures
  • Create Required Forms, Files, and Templates
  • Conduct a Full Audit of Your Record Keeping and Filing Systems
  • Employee Morale, Satisfaction and Engagement Efforts
  • Assist with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other Leaves of Absences
  • Job Analysis / Evaluation / Compensation
  • HRIS – Human Resource Information System
  • Handling Terminations & Exit Interviews
  • Serve as an Advisor or Coach for Supervisors and Management on a Variety of HR Issues

Policies and Procedures

  • Policy and Employee Handbook Development
  • As Required, Perform Appropriate Updates

Employee Relations

  • Performance Management and Performance Improvement Strategies and Solutions
  • Coach Supervisors and Management on Sensitive Employee Relations Matters
  • Perform Confidential Investigations and Recommend Appropriate Disciplinary Actions
  • Suggest Tactful/Diplomatic Methods of Resolving Grievances in a Timely and Efficient Manner While Reducing Exposure to Risk
  • Assist with Terminations and Post-Employment Matters

Training & Development

  • Assessment of all Training Programs and the Development of Applicable Training for Staff of All Levels (including Customer Service, Communication, Leadership, Safety, etc.)
  • Conduct Required Training Including Mandatory Management Sexual Harassment Training (AB1825)

Workers’ Compensation

  • Assess and Analyze Risk and Liability
  • Recommend Strategies to Reduce Injuries, Business Exposure and Thereby Reduce Annual Workers’ Compensation Rates
  • Assist Organization with Policy Renewal Efforts

 Employee Benefits

  • Assess Benefits Plans and Recommend Appropriate Plans and Programs
  • Manage and Administer Current Plans

Operational Efficiency

By implementing key strategic initiatives, organizations can significantly improve operational efficiency, productivity, and bottom line!

  • Assess and Recommend Strategic Business Initiatives and Solutions that Drive Results and Reduce Inefficiency and Redundancy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Analysis and Optimization
  • Help Organizations Achieve “Employer of Choice” Status


Can you recognize if your business is at risk?

An HR audit of your policies, procedures, and systems can
quickly identify gaps and areas of concern!